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Bold risks require bold professional liability strategies. Connected’s exclusive risk management partner, Pendulum, can help you and your clients find the right balance between risk exposure and defensibility with solutions that support smart growth ― without stifling drive, creativity or innovation.

Pendulum healthcare risk consulting

Pendulum is the obvious choice for healthcare providers of all types who need a reliable risk management program for an always-changing environment.

Our network of skilled risk control consultants is available to provide comprehensive desk-based and on-site liability risk assessments, customized risk management consulting services, and the development of quality and specialty programs within multiple healthcare settings—senior housing, hospice/home health, allied/miscellaneous, physician offices, hospitals, etc. Our risk management products include training materials and web-based tools.

For more than 20 years, Pendulum has offered a balanced approach to evaluating potential risk and providing innovative risk management strategies. As we move through our third decade, we continue to be a leading force in risk management consulting.

Our mission is to assist organizations with minimizing professional and general liability risk and strengthening defensibility— we refer to this as balancing risk and defensibility.

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